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How to select indoor combined slide

Time:2021-10-29 13:49:21 View: 76

Now many kindergartens are equipped with children's combined slides. This not only enriched the children's amateur life, but also exercised the children's sports ability to a certain extent. So, how to choose the indoor combination slide?

1、 The key factor of safety cannot be ignored in the selection of any amusement facilities

The most important thing to choose indoor combined slide is to ensure the safety of facilities. We must choose those with good quality and no potential safety hazards. We must take into account the cushioning performance of the product. All equipment must ensure that there is no exposure of sharp parts (such as screws). The exposed sharp parts may be dangerous because they hook children's clothes, so the exposed parts must be covered by circles, At the same time, high-performance, high-quality and durable materials should be used for design to prevent children from accidentally falling. Protective fences must be set at a specific height.

2、 Pay attention to whether the appearance of children's combined slide attracts children

The choice of indoor combination slide depends on whether the color is bright, which are very important selection factors. However, the main function of the children's combined slide is to cultivate children's sports ability. Therefore, in addition to the appearance of the children's combined slide, it also depends on whether the design of the children's combined slide you choose is reasonable, whether it is integrated into a variety of amusement facilities, and whether it has a good exercise effect on children's sports ability.

3、 The size of children's slide should follow the principle of ergonomics, cooperate with the height of human body, and combine with children's age and body shape, so as to be beneficial to their healthy growth.

Indoor combined slide shall be selected. Generally speaking, double slide and single slide shall be connected to 90 platform or 1.2m platform; S slide only needs to be connected to 1.6m platform; 90. The platform has a top, and 2.7 m welded pipe is required; No top, 2.4 m welded pipe is required; 1.2 m platform, with top, 2.9 m welded pipe is required; No roof, 2.7 m platform is required; 1.6 m platform, only need to connect with bucket sliding; If there is a top, 3.2 m welded pipe shall be provided; No top, 2.9 m welded pipe is required. The height of each step of the steps is about 15 cm. In addition, finished skateboards and self-made slides shall be paved with rubber pads with a thickness of not less than 3 cm or sand with a thickness of more than 40 cm to prevent children from falling and injury. And pay attention to the bearing force and buffer force of the slide, both sides of the handrail, whether the width is appropriate and whether the parabola is reasonable.

Therefore, when buying a combination slide, safety is the first priority. No matter how gorgeous, exciting and attractive customers are, safety is the first priority, so as to ensure that children play and exercise on the premise of safety and make greater profits in your business.