Company dynamics

Company dynamics


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What are the future development trends of amusement equipment industry?

Time:2021-10-29 13:45:54 View: 54

In recent years, with the rapid development of amusement industry, China has become the world's amusement equipment production giant, accounting for about 40% of the world's total output. At present, the domestic amusement equipment industry hopes to quickly integrate with the world, and brand construction and reputation still need to go a lot of ways. First of all, we must follow the industry trend, master the industry trend, better grasp the opportunities of the amusement industry and prepare for market challenges. So, what is the development trend of the amusement equipment industry in the future?

1、 Landscape

The internal logical relations and elements of the amusement culture theme of amusement park theme amusement park are transformed into materialized, image, ornamental and visual impact landscapes. Culture is the connotation of landscape, and landscape is the carrier of culture. Through landscape, tourists can feel the amusement military cultural theme that the shooting range theme amusement park wants to express.

2、 Amusement

It is the process of taking the military theme amusement park as a tourist to get feeling and experience in its activities, sports and dynamics. Entertainment military theme amusement park is a sightseeing place that wins with science and technology. Entertainment first requires a large number of entertainment air gun equipment, and then introduces high technology, so that the theme culture can be displayed by means of three-dimensional imaging technology and holographic projection technology, so that tourists can get an unusual magic experience through the design of environment, scene and mood, Finally, his mood is highly integrated with the theme culture.

3、 Interactive mode

It mainly includes the communication between society and people, the communication of rest, the communication of entertainment, the communication of experience, the communication between employees and tourists, the communication between artists and tourists, etc. The arrangement of communication has greatly satisfied people's sense of participation and experience in the entertainment air gun equipment. Tourists can keep the military theme in mind and upgrade the consumption mode of the theme amusement park while sightseeing, shuttling through history, experiencing folk customs and feeling the atmosphere.