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What should be explained when using children's playground equipment

Time:2021-10-29 13:41:40 View: 10

Children play a lot in the playground, so what should we pay attention to when playing with playground equipment?

1. Only for children aged 3-12 under the protection of * * *.

2. When playing, be humble to each other, pay attention to safety, do not crowd, do not chase and fight, and pay special attention to the risk of falling and collision.

3. It is forbidden to slide down along the edge of the handrail of the slide, and it is forbidden to go against the slide, cross the safety guardrail or hang outside the guardrail.

4. It is strictly prohibited to move, disassemble and loosen the components of the instrument without authorization. Do not use the instrument when the screws are loose.

5. Children should be easy to move in clothes, and there should be no hard and other injurious articles on their bodies.

6. Do not bring pets or food into the site. Keep the equipment and site clean.

7. Don't encourage children to do dangerous and difficult movements.